3 mobile statistics you shouldn’t ignore

Man holding mobile phoneGrowing numbers of smartphone and tablet owners are using their mobile devices to access the internet, interact with social media, and most importantly for marketers, engage with brands. If you’re still not convinced about building a mobile version of your website, here are some crucial statistics that may change your mind.

•    UK smartphone users now spend more time accessing the internet on their phones than they do making calls
Phones are not simply a tool for communication anymore – they have become a source of information and, according to a study by 02, consumers spend more time searching Google, posting on Facebook, tweeting etc than actually making calls.

•    74% of users will wait 5 seconds for a mobile page to load before abandoning the site
A report from Compuware revealed the dramatic impact that a site that is not optimised for mobile can have. Slow loading equals less engagement, which ultimately equals less business. On top of this, 46% of users are unlikely to return to a site if it did not work properly before – meaning customers can be lost even if you have since optimised your page for mobile.

•    Only 4% of online shoppers prefer to use an app
Zmag’s survey of consumers showed that they are much more likely to engage with and therefore buy from a site than an app. 14% would buy via a website on a smartphone, compared to the app’s minimal 4% – yet another reason to ensure the site is fully functional from all devices.

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