3 marketing ideas to celebrate a company birthday

I’m always amazed when I ask a business owner how old their company is. Rather than hearing a definite answer, the response is usually, “Hmm… I don’t know, maybe around 20 years?”. I’ll usually follow up by asking what date their company birthday is – only to learn that they’ve normally got no idea. Every time, I always think “What a missed opportunity!”.

(For the record, our company birthday is 15th February – cards and cake are always welcomed!)

To help generate some buzz around your business’ anniversary, we’re presenting three marketing ideas to celebrate your company’s birthday. 

1. Use a temporary anniversary logo

If you want to put your business’ birthday front and centre, there’s no easier option than updating your logo. After all, it appears on your website, email and social media posts – so customers can’t really miss it!

You don’t need to give your logo a complete makeover. Instead, simply include the number of years you’ve been trading next to your logo. Alternatively, you could add a tagline like “Celebrating ‘X’ Years of Business/Service/Excellence” below it. 

Remember to use this logo during the period surrounding your anniversary to extend your celebration and make it visible. We’d definitely recommend using your birthday logo as your business’ profile picture – but remember to return to your regular one afterward!

2. Create a timeline of your business

Your business’ anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on your history by creating a timeline. This should work well as it’s relevant to your celebration and customers are seven times more likely to engage with visual rather than text-only posts. 

You can create an engaging timeline video with sites such as Canva or VideoScribe, which provides editable templates for timeline videos. By adding transition and animation effects, these services allow you to highlight important moments for your company. It’s definitely worth adding some photos or clips – perhaps showing your founding members or first storefront – to your video, which you can share on social media. 

A timeline of your business’ journey is also a great opportunity for brand storytelling. It allows you to briefly explain where your company began and where it is today, allowing customers to learn a bit more about your employees, values, and origins of your business. 

3. Make an event of it

A well-designed social media campaign is an effective strategy, but why not go one step further and plan an actual celebration? Whether you hold an in-person event or celebrate virtually, an anniversary celebration allows your team and customers to make the occasion memorable.

Besides the team dinners and bowling nights, here are a few ideas for events that you can share with your clients and followers:

  • Hold a virtual party over Zoom (complete with online ‘pub quizzes’ and competitions).
  • Create a fundraising event for a charity of your choice. This might take the form of a virtual bingo night or a sponsored walk or run involving your team.
  • Invite your team to an awards ceremony to acknowledge their hard work.
  • Record and share a video or podcast where staff reflect on your company’s journey.

When you come up with an intriguing story or event surrounding your company birthday, you’ll generate some great PR opportunities, too. By presenting a valid or exciting story, you can engage followers in a refreshing and memorable new way. For example, when we celebrated NSDesign’s 10th birthday, we went all-out by partnering with the Glasgow Rocks basketball team, inviting over 100 customers to our birthday party, and running a competition to win a car! As you can imagine, we created a real buzz with this giveaway – resulting in some amazing press coverage and loads of social media engagement!


I hope this blog inspires you to celebrate your brand’s anniversary! To hear more marketing advice informed by NSDesign’s 23 years in business, contact our team today.

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