3 email marketing statistics for your business

Person read emails or surfing in internetEmail marketing may be less “cool” than its younger cousin, social media – yet it’s one of the most powerful weapons in any company’s arsenal, as these three statistics prove:

1) Only 39% of in house marketers rate the performance of their company campaigns as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ (Econsultancy)

You may be wondering why we’ve kicked off with a seemingly negative statistic, and it’s because your company can turn it into a positive. If you invest a little time and effort into creating a good quality email marketing campaign, you can quickly overtake the significant proportion of your competitors who are sending out below par email messages.

2) Click-through rates for email are higher than online advertising (Silverpop)

Still pumping money into online advertising? This Silverpop study suggests that you could get a much better response rate from email – and it’s significantly cheaper than most online ads. Which brings us to our next point …

3) Every £1 spent on email marketing generates up to £40 in return (Direct Marketing Association)

The low-cost, high-impact nature of email marketing is one of its biggest benefits: in fact, we challenge you to name any other sort of marketing with this sort of return on investment!

So, to summarise, email marketing is largely ignored by the competition, gets more clicks than advertising, and pays you up to £40 for every £1 you invest. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!