24% of small businesses don’t use social media marketing … at all! But why?

Social media marketingSocial media marketing is a daunting, and often misunderstood, marketing tactic. However, it’s quickly becoming vital for all businesses – no matter their size – to have a strong social media presence.

So why is it that 24% of small businesses still don’t use social media? This astonishing figure came from Clutch’s Social Media for Small Business: 2017 Survey – so we decided to dig a little deeper and see if we could find out the reasoning behind it.

So, what did Clutch find out?

By surveying 350 small business owners and managers, Clutch has been able to determine digital marketing habits and goals for 2017. In addition to finding that almost a quarter of small businesses don’t bother with social media they found:

  • Over 90% of small businesses using social media are on Facebook.
  • Over 50% plan to increase investment in Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in 2017.
  • Over 50% rely on in-house staff for social media marketing.

Why aren’t companies using social media marketing tactics?

We’re still hung up on the first stat:

The good news is that several companies plan to implement social media in the near future. But it’s still surprising that so many companies aren’t already using social media. Especially when you consider the benefits:

Another interesting stat to come out is that businesses who are on social media don’t always post regularly. Yes, 90% of small businesses use Facebook, but very few – just 23% – are updating daily.

This shows that small businesses are not using social media marketing to its full potential. Irregular posting affects reach, detracts from the overall message, damages the company’s reputation and makes it hard to build a bond with your followers.

Our bet is, the reason many companies don’t use social media regularly (or at all) is they don’t understand it. Despite its potential power, social media is often an afterthought rather than an established marketing channel.

Businesses must refocus their efforts into this new form of marketing if they are to see results. But they may need a little help to get going.

How to help your in-house staff

Remember that stat about how the majority of small business social media marketers are in-house? It’s great to hear, but begs the question what do these employees really know about social media?

Do they know about analysis metrics, optimum scheduling times, tools and tricks to use as well as all the jargon that goes with social media? Probably not.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of social media marketing, your staff may need a little support. That’s why social media training is a great idea!

Let them take a few hours out of one work day to attend a course – we hear Embrace the Space is pretty good! – and learn all there is to know about effective social media marketing. On their return, they’ll be able to overhaul current practices, improve output and speed up the entire process. How great is that?!

As you can see, the main reason that small businesses don’t use social media marketing to its full potential is that they don’t understand it! With just a little extra help, they could become social media aficionados in no time.

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