10 New Year’s resolutions for your small business digital marketing strategy

New Year’s resolutions don’t always stand the test of time, but the trend of setting them is on the up. Make sure you stick to yours this year by choosing achievable changes that will benefit your business in 2024 and beyond. We think the ideas below are a lot more appealing than giving up chocolate or going to the gym!

1. Analyse last year

Before you file 2023 away under “old news”, look back and see what worked well for your digital marketing last year. Make sure you’re using Google Analytics to: check how your website is performing; find out more about your audience and the content they are viewing and sharing; and gauge the performance of your social platforms.

2. Make your content count

We all know it’s quality and not quantity that counts when it comes to content. So let’s start with an easy win. Use the insights from Google Analytics to find your five most successful blog posts from last year (you do blog, don’t you?) and re-share them. Bonus points if you re-purpose them by expanding or updating them first.  

Do the same on each of your social platforms – use the platform insights to find your ‘most engaged with’ content, maybe re-sharing it, or even creating new content based on what you know worked well for you.

Looking ahead, create a schedule to organise what you’re going to say on each channel and when. Plan a month or even a quarter in advance. You might even want to put in the key dates for the whole year! Whether you use a spreadsheet or a wall planner, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that a content plan will help you commit to publishing regular, relevant content. Consider using a scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite and schedule your posts for when your audience is most responsive. 

One last tip: don’t forget to do a thorough proofread before you publish!

3. Don’t forget the graphics

High-quality visuals are a no-brainer. But even the best photography and graphics get stale, so why not make 2024 the year you refresh your imagery? From product shots to your Facebook cover image, give people something different to look at.

If you can afford it, working with a professional photographer can really pay off, but if budget is tight, check out our advice on using Canva for social media graphics or maybe even consider using an AI design tool for something a little different (at little to no cost).

4. Use email marketing

You may already be using email marketing, as it’s one of the most popular platforms for promoting content and driving customer acquisition. And no wonder: it’s cost-effective, easy to personalise and simple to measure. Maybe use the new year as an excuse to “clean up” your mailing lists, ensuring you comply with GDPR.  

If you’re not already making the most of it, now might be the time to contact your mailing list with a special offer.

Platforms like Mailchimp, DotData and Campaign Monitor are all fantastic for small businesses. We can help you choose the right one, and we’ve got lots more tips on email marketing on our blog.

5. Integrate your marketing channels

Email marketing can be a game-changer, but it needs to be integrated with other marketing channels for best results. For example, you could include social sharing buttons in an email to maximise its reach and visibility. 

Talking of integration, make sure you take full advantage of your website, not only to allow people to subscribe to your emails, but also to remind visitors of the various social channels you’re active on. It’s basic advice, but it’s surprising how many business-owners I’ve asked: “Why aren’t you linking to your Facebook/TikTok/Instagram from your website?” and they tell me they forgot!  

At the very least, link to your socials in the website footer, or do what we do and have a dedicated page giving people options of how to get social with you!

6. Spring clean those socials

How long ago did you write the introductory blurb on your social media channels? Take a moment to review them, in case they mention achievements, names, timescales or anything else that’s now out of date.

A good social media bio should do three things: explain who you are, what you do, and why people (your target customers) should care. Some business profiles do this very badly, so a quick glance at your page means I’m none the wiser about why I should bother connecting with or following you. Take time to craft an engaging opener, and you’ll start attracting more of the right type of follower.

And, while we’re talking socials, don’t forget to actually be social! Think creatively: generate interactive content, engage and participate in Facebook and LinkedIn groups, answer questions and provide feedback. Remember that social media is more than just marketing or self-promotion, and if you’re the boss of the business, following our Five S’s advice should give you some great social content.

7. Make the most of videos

Tapping into the trend for authenticity and ‘realness’, videos remain popular, offering everything from behind-the-scenes footage to product demos and customer testimonials. 

With so many applications, video is bound to have something to offer your business. So if you’re not already using it, why not consider a business TikTok account or explore livestreaming, and if you’ve got some international (non-English-speaking) customers, you could even wow them with AI-generated videos in their native language!

8. Harness the power of hashtags

Do you use social media hashtags strategically? If not, hold fire with that scattergun and resolve to be more sparing in 2024! This is another area where less is definitely more:

  • Only use hashtags that are relevant to your posts.
  • Use tools like Hashtagify and All Hashtag to find the right hashtags for your industry.
  • Don’t dilute your efforts by using too many hashtags.

9. Try something new

Whether it’s getting to grips with ChatGPT or finally figuring out Threads, move outside of your comfort zone this year! The possibilities are endless, but here are three more for inspiration: 

10. Stay up to date

Digital marketing trends and best practice are always evolving, so our final suggestion for getting 2024 off to a flying start is to keep investing in your own digital skills and capabilities. Start by subscribing to this blog (and get the updates direct to your inbox). It will help keep you on track with all the latest news, thoughts, tips and tricks from the world of digital.


If you’d like some more help with your digital marketing strategy, you can get in touch via phone, email or social media, or pop in and visit us.

Happy New Year, everyone! Make it a good one!

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