10 key ways to brainstorm a blog post

Brainstorm a blog post

Keeping your business blog fresh and up to date can be a challenge. Exciting and relevant content is essential, but finding the inspiration to create it isn’t always easy. Here are ten key tips you can use for inspiration when it’s time to brainstorm a blog post.

1. How-to guides

Highlight your industry knowledge by crafting a step by step how-to guide. It can be as detailed or as generic as you want, but should always serve to let the reader know that you’re an authority in your field.

2. Day in the life

Use your blog as a chance to take readers behind the scenes and show them the average day in your business – this is an opportunity to highlight the efficiency and professionalism of your business, as well as to educate.

3. Business background

Use your blog as the stage to tell the story of your business – start at your humble beginnings and track your journey to where you are today, and even your future plans. This is perfect for a multi-blog series of posts.

4. FAQs

Frequently asked questions posts are always useful. You can do an FAQ on an individual topic, or begin a volume of blog posts covering a broader range of questions and subjects. You can develop the questions yourself, or seek feedback from readers.

5. Interviews

A blog is a great place to conduct a written interview. It can be either with key members of your organisation, or well-known/important figures in your broader business sector. Remember to keep it concise and informative.

6. Reviews

Use your blog space to write reviews on industry-specific products/services/software that you might use. It’s an opportunity for you to create content, while also providing feedback that might lead to product/service improvements.

7. News

Keeping up to date with industry news is an excellent way to ensure a seam of fresh blog content. It also gives your business the impression of being up to date with the latest trends, and a leader in your marketplace.

8. Contests

Contests are a great way to encourage more reader engagement than regular blog posts. Consider offering prizes relating to your business, such as products or services you sell. Contests make excellent lighthearted blog content.

9. Upcoming events

Use your blog to advertise relevant upcoming industry events, particularly any events, shows, or expos that you will be attending. Give an overview of the event, what your presence there will mean, and why readers should attend.

10. Reader responses

If you solicit feedback from your audience, a blog is a great way to respond. Highlight audience feedback and interact with it. This is your chance to show the way your business appreciates your customers and audience.

Keeping it fresh

Employ each one of these tips, in turn, to keep your business blog content fresh, interesting, and relevant. It’s always important to remember that each blog is a chance for you to highlight your industry knowledge, experience and skills.

Consistent, regular, engaging content is at the heart of every thriving blog – and these ten tips will help you make yours shine.

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