10 digital marketing mistakes to avoid

digital marketing mistakesMany of the most common digital marketing mistakes are easily avoidable. Here are ten mishaps your business must side-step to maximise the impact of your digital marketing:

1. Not having a strategy or plan

Just doing digital activity ad hoc and hoping for the best is unlikely to get the results you’re hoping for. By putting a cohesive strategy and timed plan of action together, you can focus your efforts on activities that measurably work towards your goals.

2. Writing for search engines, not visitors

A common mistake is thinking that you need to write keyword-stuffed content to rank well in search engines. This might have been the case years ago, but search engines have changed and now it’s better to focus on writing engaging content that meets visitors’ needs. This will then organically rank well with keywords.

3. Not considering your users

Always do digital marketing activity with the people who use your website in mind. Here are three easy ways to make your website more user friendly.

4. Auto-posting across social networks

Social media can take up a lot of time, so it can be tempting to post the same post across all your social media channels. Never do this! This means your messages will often be incorrectly formatted (too long for Twitter if they are reposted from Facebook, for example) and ineffective.

See our top tips on ten other social media fails and how to avoid them.

5. Never checking your Adwords account

Many businesses have set up an Adwords account only to come back to find they’ve spent a fortune on clicks with no results. PPC can be very effective, but only if your account is analysed, optimised and tweaked on a regular basis.

6. Boring emails

Your emails need to stand out if they are to have any chance of getting opened in crowded inboxes, make sure yours are as good as they can be.

7. No content on your website

Good content is essential for driving traffic to your website as well as powering your social media and email marketing efforts. It creates return visitors and can convert them to customers.

8.  Content not written for the web

The next sin is creating content that’s not appropriate for reading online. Not sure how to write for people reading on a screen? Read our beginner’s guide to writing for the web.

9. Marketing activity isn’t integrated

Are you doing a completely different offer on social to email? Or maybe you have a different colour scheme in-store to online. This can be terribly confusing for potential customers. For best results, it’s vital to integrate your marketing and branding, across all channels, offline and online. This will create an enhanced, consistent experience for visitors wherever they interact and build brand recognition.

10. No clear call to action

Even if you’re succeeding in driving traffic to your website, if there’s no clear avenue for them to take once they get there, then your effort will be lost. Make it obvious how people can purchase, sign up or get in touch.

Most of these mistakes boil down to not considering the end-user – by taking the time to consider your website, emails, social media and other digital marketing activity from their point of view, you’re likely to see positive results.

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