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Domain Name Scams on the Rise – Beware DROA

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Would you pay money to a Random Electricity Company that sent you a letter saying your bill was overdue?…  Would you hand over your credit card to a Mobile phone company you’d never heard of, simply because they sent you an official looking invoice for your Vodafone account?  I’d hope not…  So WHY are so many people still getting scammed by the Domain Registry of America (DROA) when it comes to Domain renewals.

We first reported on this outfit back in early 2004, and again just recently, but they are just as active today (if not moreso), and still conning people into transferring their domain names into their control, simply down to their official looking letters.  Check out Nominet’s site for details of other current domain scams.

Do not be fooled, and if in doubt – contact NSDesign for any advise or questions before signing a cheque to a company tht you’ve never heard of!