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Marketing on Facebook Mobile

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Many companies currently employ Facebook as part of their digital marketing and social media strategies, and so far, the networking platform has proved to be a useful business and advertising tool.

It is therefore surprising to hear that Facebook Inc. has reported a reduction in advertising growth in its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The figures are said to be indicative of the fact that that their advertising business is struggling to keep up with the shift to mobile devices.

Many people now access Facebook on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Recent statistics issued by comScore show that consumers spent an average of 7 hours and 21 minutes   using Facebook on their mobile devices in March 2012, compared with 6 hours and 31 minutes on their personal computers.

In light of this increased usage of mobile devices for social networking, it is of huge importance that Facebook brings its mobile ad facilities up to scratch. Although the company announced plans to sell mobile ads in February, fewer ads are being shown on mobile pages, as the company has said it does not want to sacrifice user experience for short term sales growth.

However, Facebook do appear to be dedicating time and money to improving their mobile service; a commitment reflected in its recent acquisition of photo sharing mobile app Instagram, which at $1 billion, was a hugely significant investment.

Facebook has more than 900 million monthly users, an enormous available market. If they manage to update their mobile advertising strategy, the marketing possibilities will be immense.

Facebook Ticker to feature paid-for updates

Monday, November 28th, 2011

The social media site, that needs no introduction, Facebook, is set to monetise its controversial Ticker feature.

The scrolling news feed, which updates users on their friends’ activities in real time, is about to feature “sponsored stories” – namely, posts that a company can pay for.

The Ticker was one of a number of new features brought to the site in September, many of which proved at least initially unpopular with the Facebook user community. Critics of the Ticker said that it was trying too hard to emulate Twitter’s functionality, and that its constant updating of users’ every move gave too much detail in a manner which was too distracting.

However, Facebook must be feeling confident about Ticker’s future to have made the decision to open it up to advertisers.

Bosses at the social media giant have told various news websites that changes are on the way.

One spokesman told CNN: “We recently made some changes to Facebook that help surface more engaging content, whether paid or organic, to people using Facebook.”

“With these changes, people may see a varying number of ads or Sponsored Stories alongside organic content. In testing, we’ve found this leads to more engagement with for both paid and organic content.” Yet again social networking is put to use for subtle marketing.

Meanwhile, marketing news website ClickZ said that Facebook ads would start to appear in the Ticker from this week.

It can’t be Christmas already…

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I’d like to apologise to anyone upset by our current Radio Advert which features sleigh bells and festive overtones.  The fact that we started running it on September 1st (some 116 days before Christmas) has prompted a few people to question what we’re playing at…  “It can’t be Christmas already??”….

Listen to the advert

There is however a serious business message behind the advert -it’s not just a case of us wanting to be the first house in the street with fairy lights round the windows.

The fact is, billions are made by online retailers over the festive period, so anyone wishing to take a slice of that pie needs to plan well in advance….  Experienced online shoppers are already browsing their favourite ecommerce sites, and bookmarking (if not buying) their shopping list of gifts…  Leave it until the last minute before launching your new Christmas shop, and it’s unlikely your virtual tills will be ringing…  Get online now, and there’s still time to do some marketing, grab a few Google adwords, and actually generate some decent turnover… 

So what are you waiting for…  only 83 days left……..

Marketing tips to promote your website

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I always find it amusing when I come across the “Top 10 Tips for…” articles that seem to be everywhere.  Most of the time they’re full of very obvious suggestions and lack any real innovative ideas that actually help you.  Flick through any of the web magazines or popular blogs and you’ll find “Top 10 Design Mistakes“, “Top Ten Client Attraction Tips For A Feng Shui Website“, “Top 10 Blogging Fonts“, “Top 10 Tips for creating Top 10’s”…  The list goes on.

I was therefore delighted to find not just a Top 10, but a “TOP 75″ related to useful & different ways of promoting your web business.  Expecting just yet another uninspiring list, I was pleasantly surprised to find it fairly interesting, with some novel and innovative ideas – many of which I’m proud to say that NSDesign have already tried and found success with.

Starting with the pretty obvious first tip of “Write a Press Release” (which I know many companies still do NOT do), to tip 75 – “Sponsor a local roundabout”, there’s a range of good ideas that might prove beneficial to your own marketing of your website and business, and a few we’d advise against also!!

Some of the 75 Tips that we currently do:

11. Get signage for your car showing your web address, it’s amazing how many people you pass on a daily trip to your workplace that will be intrigued and go on your site later that day – even more effective if you commute on a motorway.

22. Try to get local radio stations to give you and your staff a mention. And ensure you get the domain name in there too. Not that many radio stations will read out the full domain, especially the nationals, but the locals and inner London ones generally do without any fuss.

40. Sponsor a local event or sports team – www.uksponsorship.com has a list of all the current opportunities on offer in the UK

50. Advertising in new mediums is often a great way to get in front of new audiences. There is a form of advertising now available on London buses.

 And a whole load more….  But there’s a few we don’t do, and wouldn’t recommend anyone consider – mainly in relation to buying links and link farms – things like:

25. Create a links page and exchange links using a programme such as…

48. Text Link ads are also a cheap way of getting people to your site. Companies such as text-link-ads give further information

All in all, some interesting reading, and I’m guessing at least a few of the ideas may strike a chord with even the most pro-active company and their marketing. Have fun!!

Free T-shirts – Listen to Win!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Starting next week, we’re running an intensive Radio advert campaign on Rock Radio 96.3FM and as a wee incentive to listen out for the ads, we’re giving away a Free NSDesign T-shirt to the first person who calls the office immediately after every advert has played for the week. 

The beautiful NSDesign T-shirt

Admit it….  you want one!! 

With 30 adverts running from Monday – Friday, there’s plenty chances to phone up and win.  Just call 0141 585 6390 and ask for Gary.